What is MS Word (Microsoft Word)

What is MS Word (Microsoft Word) – As a PC, Laptop or Computer user, you must be familiar with Microsoft licenses. Microsoft provides a variety of software that supports our daily activities.

Not only games, Microsoft also offers Microsoft Office which consists of Word, Excel, Power Point, and others. One of the well-known and widely used MS Office is Word.

What is Ms word? What are the benefits and functions? The following is an explanation of Word and its functions and benefits.

What is MS Word?

Word stands for Microsoft Word, namely word processing software (Software) developed by Microsoft. This word processing device functions to create, edit, and print documents in the form of soft files or soft copies or hard files or hard copies.

Word was first launched in 1983 as DOS. With the emergence of Windows 3.0 in 1990, Word is increasingly leading to glory. Word development is getting faster as time goes by. Until now we know the word with several versions.

In simple terms, word is an application or software that helps you to edit, create and print documents. So, it’s easier for you to do the job. Word also provides a variety of file formats that are very optional.

MS Word version

Along with its development, Word has several versions to date. After Word 95 and 97 appeared. Then Word 2000 was born, so the Microsoft Word version refers to the year the version was born.

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For example, there is a word which was released in 2003, the version becomes word 2003. Likewise for the latest version, namely word 2019., which is the word version which was released in 2019. Since 1983 there have been around 16 versions of word.

Word untuk windows 1.0 (1989), windows 1.1 (1990), windows 1.1a (1990), windows 2.0 (1991), Windows 6.0 (1993), Windows 95 (1995), Microsoft Word 97 (1997), Microsoft Word 98 (1998), Microsoft Word 2000 (1999), Microsoft Word 2002 (2001), Microsoft Word 2003 (2003), Microsoft Word 2007 (2006), Microsoft Word 2010 (2010), Microsoft Word 2013 (2013), Microsoft Word 2016 (2016), dan Microsoft Word 2019 (2019).

Benefits and Functions

Word function

1 Create a Document

The first function, you can create a new document using Ms word. A blank page is available for creating a new document. In addition to blank pages, you can also use the available word templates.

2 Edit Documents

You can also edit existing documents in word, doc, and so on. This allows you to edit previously worked documents.

3 Print Documents

After you create and edit a document. You can also print documents. There are settings and pre view before you print the document to hard copy. So, you don’t need to worry about messy text. Because, the printout will be exactly the same as the soft file.

Word benefits

The presence of word, brings many benefits to its users. One of them is effective and efficient document processing. If an error occurs, you can delete the wrong word and then replace it with the right word. This method is more effective than using paper that we have to cross out.

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Working with word is more efficient. Thus, it can reduce the costs of purchasing paper. You can use soft copies in the form of digital files that are easier to share.

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