How To Find And Replace di Ms Word

As an MS Word user, you even know the various features in it. For example, the find and replace feature. Which, this cool feature will ease your work. How to find and replace in word?

Check out some of the following explanations.

Feature usability

In some conditions, you will definitely need a word search in a fast time.

Or even, you have been in a condition, in which, you have written for pages, but unfortunately it turns out that there are a very large number of misspelled words.

If you want to fix it one by one, it will definitely take a lot of time. So, how? Then the most appropriate alternative for you to use is these two features. Namely the find and replace feature.

Where, this find replace allows you to find a word you need in a document. Meanwhile, the replace feature allows you to change a large number of incorrect words at once.

For example, there is a word that you should have written ‘philosophy’, but instead you typed ‘philosophy’ instead. Like it or not, you even replace it right? Therefore you no longer need to replace it manually. Just take advantage of this cool feature.

How To find and replace di word

The find and replace feature in Microsoft Word is located in the same section. But many don’t realize it. And this time, how to find and replace in the first word, we will discuss the find section first.

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First, make sure that you are on the home menu. Then, you can pay attention to the screen on the right at the very top. There, there are several features. Just click on the top feature that says find.

Or a picture like binoculars. Or, you can also command the computer by just clicking ctrl+f on the keyboard. In these two ways, you will see a navigation panel on the left of the screen. is he?

Next, you just click on the word you are looking for. Interestingly, this feature doesn’t only allow you to find words. But you can directly type the sentence you are looking for.

If the word has been found, it will be highlighted in yellow. In addition, MS Word will also display a preview that allows you to click on one of the search results.

If the result is a lot, you can swipe down the screen. the second way to find and replace in word is for the replace part. As the name suggests, this feature will replace text that you have previously written with a new word.

How to find and replace in Word is no less easy than the previous method. First, make sure that you are on the home menu, then click the replace menu in the top right corner.

Type the initial word that you will replace in the find what box. Meanwhile, you can fill in the replace with column with the correct word, or the word to be used. For example, the initial or incorrect word is blue, and you would replace it with the word bhiru.

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So, you can enter the word blue into the find what section, and the word bhiru into the replace with column. Thus, you have succeeded in replacing the wrong word with many at once.

That’s the find and replace method that is ready to help you. Good luck.

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