unmanned construction

Nature is always unpredictable and disaster can strike at any time. In the aftermath of events such landslides, volcanic eruptions, or earthquakes remotely-controlled unmanned construction equipment can play a valuable role, making the area safe for construction workers and rescue teams.

the technology

Fujita's unmanned construction system is controlled by human operators located up to 2 km away from the site. Operators receive real-time video imaging via a 50GHz wireless system. Instructions from the operators are transmitted back over the high bandwidth 50GHz wireless links to a communications relay vehicle which then transmits the information (at a lower frequency) to each individual machine.

By connecting the local control room to the internet, we have recently proved it is possible to control our construction equipment from hundreds of kilometers away.

schematic of the unmanned system

portable tele-operated robot system

When disaster strikes speed is of the essence. That is why Fujita has developed the portable teleoperated robot system. Weighing just 100kg and installable by 2-3 technicians in about an hour, the system can tun all major makes of backhoe into remotely-operated vehicle (control range of 150m using 400 MHz control frequency).

The system enables us to work worldwide, and to rapidly begin necessary rescue and reconstruction work.

unmanned telerobot


more information

For more information about our unmanned construction technology, please contact us or download a brochure (0.4 MB, pdf format).

tried and tested

For more than five years, Fujita has been developing and refining our unmanned construction system on the slopes of Mt. Fugen, an active volacano on the southern tip of the Japanese island of Kyushu.

map of japan

Mt. Fugen first erupted in 1990, and has since become increasingly active. Pyroclastic flows have caused significant damage to the surrounding Mizunashi River Basin area and now extend more than 4.5 km from the summit of the mountain.

Fujita first arrived on site in 1994 and, following successful trials of our unmanned construction techniques, began construction of a series of check-dams on the mountainside.

fujita site at Mt Fugen

As of April 2000, the first check-dam was completed, and work well underway on check-dam No. 2 (artist's impression below).

checkdam at Mt Fugen