our innovative technologies

Fujita Research, together with the Fujita Technical Institute in Japan, is maketing a number of innovative products. We are constantly developing new technologies, for more information please contact us.

Earth Air Purification

Fujita's Earth Air Purifiers (EAPs) provide a new and innovative solution to localised urban air quality problems. Our EAPs use natural physical, biological and biochemcial processes to remove pollutants from the air along busy roads, at intersections, in tunnels and in underground car parks.

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Remotely-controlled construction machinery

Natural disasters often create environments too dangerous for construction workers to rapidly begin rescue and recovery work. Fujita's unmanned construction system provides a solution. Construction equiupment can be controlled (using wireless technology) over distances of up to 2 km. Furthermore, Fujita has also developed a portable 'tele-robot' system which weighs less than 100 kg and can turn most major makes of backhoe into a remotely-controlled vehicle in about an hour.

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technology transfer

The Japanese marketplace has traditionally been inaccessible to western companies, but things are beginning to change.

Fujita Research is ideally-placed to help foreign firms move products in the Japanese construction market.

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