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technology transfer

The Japanese marketplace has traditionally been inaccessible to western companies, but things are beginning to change. Japanese companies are now looking at technology transfer as a viable alternative to in-house R&D as budgets become ever-tighter. Fujita Research is ideally-placed to help foreign firms move products in the Japanese construction market. If you or your company have any innovative product that hasn't reached Japan, please feel free to talk to us about it and see how we can help.

information exchange

At Fujita Research we believe we have to work together to solve our planet's problems. That's why (where no commercial sensitivities exist) we make our internal briefing reports vailable on the internet.

We also keep a regularly-updated list of industry conferences in the field of sustainable construction.

innovative technologies

Fujita doesn't just write about innovative new techologies; we develop them at our R&D center in Atsugi city.

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